My name is Madison Harvey and I am a senior at Orange Lutheran High School. I am an artist and a writer. I have a love for the process of creative storytelling. My experience so far is in technical theater and the visual arts, but film is where I want to be.

I specifically want to work as a Production Designer and create the worlds that people see on screen. My goal for the future is to lead a project much like that of Lord of the Rings, where they basically grew the Shire for almost a year and then used that as a set.

As an artist, I am an advocate of texture. Natural forms and earth tones inspire me. I try to use natural elements and living mediums to bring my pieces to life, though I know the art will eventually “die” because of this. However, I believe the process of creating is just as important as the outcome. Much of my art relies on the façade of things. I think that most people have an animal or larger spirit inside of them. Whether it is large like a lion or humble like a sheep, everyone has basic, primal instincts in them that have been suppressed through society. I like to show those facades being put up and then broken down. My art reflects a lot of inner moods being brought to the surface, as I am an introvert and very rarely show my true feelings. The relationship between what is acceptable to reveal and what must be pent up inside is a very delicate and intricate one and I love to explore it in my art.